This seasonally scented natural Sugar Scrub in made with Grapeseed oil, Pure sugar cane and a special blend of Essential Oils! Call to find out what scent is available~

(Our signature scent is Rosemary Sprig with Rosemary, Lavender, Cederwood & Clary Sage)

*We can do cutom scented orders of 6 or more jars!

*Wholesale discounts on 10 or more jars!

To use: Leave in guest bath to spoil guests while in the washroom. Guests/Customers love it!!

Scoop out scrub and use after washing hands to protect and moisturize.

**My favorite is to place in a safe spot in shower or transfer to breakproof dish. Scoop in hands and scrub legs, arms or chest well to exfoliate dead skin and leave silky, shiny & smooth! (do not use on face)

 The scent will leave you mesmerized!

Rosemary Sprig Sugar Scrub





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